Methods for Measuring Intangible Assets


In this Paper I provide a brief overview of approaches that I have come across with references to more information.

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The Knowledge Organisation-Tango


This booklet is based on a combination of experiences end experiments with the Tango simulation.

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Tango Conceptual Update


This paper is intended for those, who wish to understand more about the conceptual
foundations of the Celemi Tango™ simulation. It addresses some of the hard questions that
both new facilitators and customers may ask:

  • Why do people and customers in Tango “behave” as they do?
  • Does the simulation fit with reality?
  • What is the empirical evidence for the way competitive advantage is simulated?
  • Does it make business sense to treat people well?

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Measuring the Wellspring of Knowledge


In the spruce forest behind my parents home in Sweden springs a natural well. It is so small that you don´t notice it until you almost stumble upon it.

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Intangible Revenues


Revenues arising from intangible assets take intangible forms.

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Fourteen Ways to Charge for Knowledge


What is the value of an idea that comes in the flash of a second but is based on a life of experience?

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Case: PLS Consult-Evaluating customers


Most customers are sources of value, in forms other than hard cash.

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