Measuring Intangibles: Suggested Indicators with Cases

Published: 2018

This paper is a consolidation of several papers on measuring intangibles, previously published on my website as separate html files. The consolidated paper includes cases previously not published and is aimed at knowledge managers and other managers with an interest in learning by measuring.

The structure of the paper follows the layout of the Intangible Assets Monitor : Measuring Competence, Measuring External Structure, Measuring Internal Structure.

The lpaper contains five cases featuring firms from my consulting practice that rely heavily on professional expertise: The Swedish learning/educational consulting firm Celemi; the Swedish ICT consulting firms WM-data; The Danish management consulting firm PLS Rambøll Management; the South African Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) operator; The Indian ICT-firm Infosys. For ethical reasons, the cases include data older than ten years. For learning about measuring intangibles, old data are as good as new.