Examples of Intangible Assets Monitors

Here are some Monitors produced for clients. Click on the one you would like to see:

Knowledge Companies

Monitor for Management Consulting Firm (privately held)

Monitor for Law Firm (privately held)

Monitor for Recruitment Firm (Publicly listed)

Infosys, the fast growing Indian IT company listed on Nasdaq in 1999 and presented and commented on its first Monitor in its 97/98 Annual Report.

Celemi, the Swedish learning tools company has been publishing its Monitor since 1995 in its Annual Report. The 1999 version is available here. The new unique feature is a colour coded comparison with strategic targets.

Internal Departments

Monitor for Internal Education department

Monitor for Marketing department

Monitor for Human Resource Department

Monitor for IT department

Monitor for Call Centre

Monitor for Treasury (Finance) department

Public Services

Monitor for Home Care Department (Local Government), by Jo Walker Celemi Melbourne

Monitor for Government agency by Jo Brennan Adelaide, South Australia. She has also written an article about measuring Intellectual Capital in the Public Sector.